Barry and Scribs…

Had to post a picture of Barry and Scribs who saved us in Keswick! We sheltered in the garage whilst waiting for Kerry to bring parts and dry clothes. Barry nipped to Jan's Lakeland Sandwich Shop to get us hot soup and coffee to warm us up. Barry and Scribs you are our hero's. The... Continue Reading →

The end of the journey!

Well we made it! The team reached the finishing line... a few bruises, tired limbs BUT so many memories made... this was more than a cycling challenge, however there are not enough words to explain or capture the essence of this adventure. I can only say that everyone should embark on an adventure and embrace... Continue Reading →

Tired and achey…..

Tired and achey but raring (a slight exaggeration) to go. The cyclists are tired from their journey but are determined to cycle through their tiredness and soreness. They can do this and we are willing them on along the way...

Sisterly support!

Thanks to My sister Sara and her husband John who travelled from Leicester to meet us on the 9th stage of our trip... Sara didn't realise at the time how important that this was to me as I knew that my leg/ankle was on its way out. Seeing them both kept me going to finish... Continue Reading →

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